One day in your development career, you will receive a quest for the holy grail: an offer to work at a startup.

Hard work awaits, of course. But so does the dream: cashing in your shares in the next unicorn company, which will set you up for the rest of your life. …

I made a thing. My soon-to-be-six-year-old asked for an Among Us cake so I made it. It’s ugly and imperfect, but I made it.

I made a thing.

It is ugly, but I made it, and it is mine.

My nearly-six-year-old requested an “Among Us” cake, and I accepted the challenge.

Yeah, it’s messy. I am no Reynold, no Zumbo, no Martha Stewart. I am no master pâtissier. My cake belongs on Nailed It…

In my corner of web development, we expect web developers to be familiar with both PHP and Javascript. I’ve found this one simple question tells me if a developer truly understands the tools they use every day:

Q: What are the similarities and differences between arrays in Javascript and PHP?

For a recent project, I had to generate JSON files in a sensible, structured, and extensible way.

In the course of doing so, I developed a neat bit of syntactic sugar that saved me lots of lines of code, and made my PHP a lot more readable.

The End

So here’s my…

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